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What’s Up World!

It’s the LiHaiArt team back at it with another blog.  This week we wanted to put the spotlight on the newest member of the LiHai family, JFunky representing Crooks Crew (Chicago).  Even though he’s a young gun, JFunky has a wealth of experience when it comes to the Hip Hop culture.  He has competed all over the world defeating some of the toughest competition the world has to offer.  As we sat down with JFunky we wanted to pick his brain and understand how he sees the Hip Hop community today.  Let’s see what JFunky had to say.

LiHai(LH): So how did you get into Hip Hop, where did this all start?

JFunky(JF): Well I started as a kid at 5 years old.  My older brother JT was a really big influence on me as a kid.  He would show me all these videos like Battle of the Year 95, plus footage from a lot of old school crews like Style Elements and other crews that were around in that time.  As far as Breakin’ goes, JT would come over with all of his friends and they would break, and it was a natural monkey see monkey do type deal.  It was a funny thing though, the first move I learned was a headspin, and one day when JT brought his friends over I hit a headspin and they all went crazy and the rest is history really.  That was probably my first introduction to Breakin’, dancing with my brother’s crew The Dope Kids or TDK as we called ourselves.  They started training me and I never looked back.

LH: When did you decide to become an international Bboy? Was there a moment where you decided that you wanted to compete at the international level?

JF: Well I was 18 when I won my first jam, it was the Kfest battle in Chicago.  After that I started traveling all around Chicago, then all around the Midwest.  Somewhere during that time, can’t remember when exactly, but I had this conversation with my crewmate El Grande from Crooks.  We were talking about what we wanted to do with our Breakin’.   He was telling me that I had to make a choice, I could either take the normal route, get a job and just treat Breakin’ like any other hobby or I can go on the Bboy path and become a serious competitor and compete against the rest of the world.  After that conversation I actually got asked to do a big exhibition against Bboy Kevetic from Boogie Monsters Fam (Kansas City) and that gave me the serious start to my career in Breakin’.

LH: What does Hip Hop mean to you?

JF: Oh man, to me Hip Hop means…so many things.  It means love, community, and respect.  Through Hip Hop I have met people from all different walks of life.  You don’t get to experience that in other professions, you may never get to experience meeting people from all over the world.  I like it because there is no discrimination, from poor all the way to 6 figure earners can be involved in Hip Hop.  It also can help resolve problems peacefully, instead of fighting we can get problems solved through our art.  Also it gives a voice to everyone, through Hip Hop everyone has a chance to express their ideas on an equal platform.

LH: What do you think about the Bboying scene today? Do you agree or disagree with it?

JF: It’s a lifestyle, it’s everything! It’s anything you want it to be.  It’s really is a way for people to uplift themselves and create something that is truly theirs and individual to them.  As far as the scene goes, people give a shit about you or they don’t.  What people say about the scene is true, there is a lot of decisions that I don’t agree with, there is a lot of bullshit.  As a global scene we are not united, everyone has their own clique that they belong to and that’s what determines who makes it into what competitions. Even in the Chicago scene there is a division amongst crews.  We have been known to have serious beef with everbody and to hate each other.  It has calmed down cuz the older gen has kids now and the newer generation likes to stick to their own.  A lot of new generations don’t have the respect for elders in the scene. It really is every man fort himself but as of right now I think Crooks Crew really is the only that is trying to make an effort to get out there and travel for our art.

LH: Why do you like the LiHai brand?

JF: My relationship with you guys all started when my crewmate Twigs and I had come out to Cali for Van Jam.  It was an awesome trip and it was pretty crazy to be in the same room as some of these huge crews that we have heard about but we actually faired pretty well beating out most our competition making it all the way to the finals.  In the end we lost to Luigi and Prada-G but it was a really dope battle and we got apple moonshine and a LiHai shirt as prizes.   The moonshine was delicious but the shirt was something I could really hold onto, I wore it with pride, it was like a medal of honor.  It represented all the hard work we had put into our craft so I wore it with pride.  Then I also liked the artwork and all the graphics it was pretty fresh so I wore it and it became my good luck charm, every jam I wore it to I did really well and I figured I’d give you guys a call and link up.  Now I’m on the team representing the LiHai message.  It means extreme and to the fullest and that’s the way I want to be, repping to the extreme.

LH: What info can you give to the future generations of Bboys?

-Keep losing, don’t give up, in the end its going to be worth it.   Every loss can be a lesson, I remember losing both to politics and honestly but I stayed persistent and remains vigilant in my pursuit of success.

LH: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us man, we appreciate you brotha!

JF: No problem man, it’s always a good time.

That’s a wrap y’all, that was what JFunky thinks about the community right now.  The way this culture has shaped him into the person he is today.  Make sure to holla at JFunky anytime you catch him at an event and make sure to send him good luck and root for him this weekend.  He is competing at the Redbull BCONE cypher in Denver this weekend!

Peace World,



LiHai Radio – Music Stories

music stories utmos

What’s up world! It’s us again bringing you the latest and greatest in LA Hip Hop.  We are proud to announce LiHai Radio, a 24-hour live stream on our website,, which features live music from guest DJs in the local Hip Hop scene, 45 sets, breaks, and more to come in the future.

But the main feature on LiHai Radio is Music Stories, hosted by DJ Quest9 from the LiHai Team & West Coast Rockers, and co-host Koolski from 3Shibuya & the Rock Steady Crew.   This is an interview show featuring pioneers from every pillar of Hip Hop, from DJs like DJ Tony G from KDAY to B-Boys like Crumbs of Style Elements Crew.  Quest9 brings in the best to share knowledge and shed light on how they see the Hip Hop game today.

In fact, on the next Music Stories episode, Utmos, founder of Beat Swap Meet, will be answering the question everyone in the LA vinyl scene is asking:  “What happened to Beat Swap Meet Los Angeles?”  Stay tuned for this exclusive interview, at a special day/time, Sunday May 31 at 1:30pm, live at

It is important for legends & veterans to share their Music Stories in order to educate future generations of Hip Hop lovers and to make sure we all grow as a community—“Once a student, always a student”—and we can all learn something from listening in.  Make sure to tune in every week, Wednesday night at 8:30 (normally), only on

We love you world, stay up!

Live, Life, LiHai



What’s up world!

Welcome back to the next installment of the LiHai Blog.  Thank you for joining us we appreciate all of your views and support. This week however, we would like to call attention to another member of the Hip Hop community that needs our help; The Hip Hop School of Arts.  The Hip Hop School of Arts is currently in a desperate need of funds in order to keep their doors open.  The school is located in the city of Pomona, and it is currently run by its founder Little Cesar Rivas of the world-famous Air Force Crew.  The school is a driving force in cleaning up the community so that the youth population, which is currently around 44,000 can thrive.  The city of Pomona currently has a 27% crime rate.  That means the community is dangerous and the youth can be harmed, or may more likely be influenced to get involved in unlawful activities.  The Hip Hop School of Arts (HHSA) is a beacon of hope for the youth in Pomona, at the school they can learn about all of the elements of Hip Hop.  From emceeing, to dj’ing, breaking to locking, and even the marketing and entrepreneurship of the industry.

Hip Hop can be such a positive influence on the lives of the youth, keeping them safe and out of trouble as well as helping them grow character and confidence.  This school can help the children of Pomona not only learn about Hip Hop, but also stay in shape.  Another unfortunate statistic is that currently 29% of the youth in Pomona are obese, even higher than the crime rate.  Learning a style of dance can definitely increase the amount of exercise that kids get on a weekly basis, which can lead to better health, and an overall better quality of life for these kids.  Little Cesar is really trying to provide a place for these kids to be successful and improve their lives through Hip Hop.  Let’s come together as a Hip Hop community and save the HHSA!!!  Every dollar counts, please donate!

Here’s some inspiring words from the man himself, Little Cesar;

Check out the shirt that was done by LIHAI ART in collaboration with the HHSA here;

Every sale of this shirt contributes money towards helping the HHSA.

You can donate here

Every donation comes with a prize pack in return for your donation based on the level of donation, either gear from sponsors., free passes to practices or even personalized shirts and 1-on-1 lessons from teachers who are experts in their respective element of Hip Hop.  Please help us keep HHSA open so Cesar and his team can continue to make a positive impact on the community and help the youth thrive!

Rep Team Pac-Man

What’s good y’all?  It’s the  LIHAI team coming at you with our latest design, the UBE Propaganda Tee.  Courtney_Maye_31Mar2015_8 (1)

We here at LIHAI art are all hyped for the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.  These two heavy hitters are going to take it to the squared circle, promising to put on a show and it looks like this could potentially be the fight of the century.  With so much media tension and animosity building up, you can’t help but get involved.  We are rooting for our furious fighting congressman, and to show our support we based our latest design on Pac-Man himself.  bryce_ube_Stickers

For those that don’t know, ube is a purple yam dessert that is a staple in the Philippines.  So naturally the UBE Propaganda Tee has Manny’s face dripping purple UBE surrounded by a white border with the word UBE our play on the  classic OBEY Propaganda, in bold at the bottom.   So we want to hear from you world, whose side are you on?  Are you rooting for Mayweather? Or are you repping Team Pac-Man?  Let us know by voting on our poll below. 

 With every UBE Propaganda Tee purchase you will also get an UBE sticker pack! Also be on the lookout for an Instagram UBE Propaganda contest, don’t want to miss your chance to win awesome prizes.  Grab your UBE Propaganda Tee today at and  use #PacManHasAPosse on Instagram so we can give you a shoutout.  So make sure that your voice is heard and vote on what side you’re on, cop the Tee, and be sure to catch the fight on MAY 2nd!


The LIHAI Team

Preserving culture at The B Side Shop

The B Side Shop

Hip Hop encompasses many forms of expression and it integrates all elements in our lives.   In this saturated industry where all we hear are the same hits on the radio, it is often stimulating flip over to the “B side.”

The B Side Show began doing just that, as an internet show that features various artists and music in the local urban community that are “under the radar,” giving them a forum for expression.

Recently, The B Side Show has expanded to another avenue that showcases another element of hip hop, fashion.  On June 1, 2014, doors opened adding yet another flip side to the industry, The B Side Shop.  This retail shop provides a space where local, up and coming clothing brands and the community can come together,  helping preserve the Hip Hop culture.

B Side Shop LiHai

LiHai® is one of the selected clothing brands that has been able to be part of this new venture.  At LiHai, we live by the love for music and art, and try to make our mark in these saturated industries as well.   All of the Hip Hop elements and unique styles are seen through our artwork and we are constantly working to keep the culture alive.  This philosophy harmonizes with The B Side Shop and we are honored for the opportunity to grow with the B Side Show.

Shoutout to Wackoe, Drakk, Rabbit, Shaye Whitey, and all who continue preserving the culture.  Check us out at the The B Side Shop.  Much love for all the support!

Follow the B Side Show on:

The B Side Shop
130 Shoppers Lane
Covina, CA  91723

Store Hours:
Tuesday-Friday 2PM-8PM
Saturday-Sunday 12PM-6PM

New Shirt Dropping at Beat Swap Meet LA!!!


LiHai "Frog Sound" t-shirt
LiHai “Frog Sound” t-shirt

What’s up world!

Thank you to those who have commented on our blog, we appreciate the love!   Next order of business is announcing a fresh new design we are releasing at Beat Swap Meet LA in Chinatown on SUNDAY September 14th!

The new design features artist Darel-C’s Hip-Hop twist on a traditional classic.  Our latest design “Frog Sound”  features the Jin Chan (literally translated Golden Frog), a very traditional piece of Asian culture and art.  It is believed that this frog, placed in the proper way inside your home can bring your household wealth and prosperity.. our LiHai frog is a little different.  Our Jin Chan, rocking headphones, sits atop a mountain of 45’s instead of the traditional mountain of coins.  Darel even made sure he took care of every detail as he replaced the frog’s claws with DJ needles.  And he always adds tricky little goodies for those paying attention, like how “Music Life”  is etched on each vinyl 45.  Finally, he finished it off with the LiHai logo medallion on the frog’s chest.

SO……From our family to yours please pick up your new “Frog Sound” tee and may it bring you and yours fresh beats and good times.  Hit up the LiHai booth at Beat Swap Meet LA in Chinatown on Sunday, September 14th, 12-6pm.  Check out the art or just stop by to say hi, it’s a great event and you won’t want to miss it, see you there!


Limited Edition of 100 11" x 17" numbered and signed by artist, Darel-C
Limited Edition of 100
11″ x 17″ numbered and signed by artist, Darel-C

What’s up world!!! We are LiHai®, the only clothing company that provides a unique style for all elements of the Hip-Hop community and art fanatics alike.  We’ve been in the game for a couple years now with this month marking our 2-year anniversary, and we want to hear more about you, our fans and followers! Whether you have been down with us since day one or you just saw us at a local jam or DJ battle we want to hear from you!!

You can see our products are the real deal, with original art all hand drawn, plotted, practiced, and perfected by our Lead Artist and Founder Darel-C.  Darel’s passion for the Hip-Hop culture and art pushed him to make the decision to leave the military and pursue his calling, so he launched LiHai in 2012.

LiHai is that moment of inspiration that drives creators of all art forms to create. That dope move, that wicked scratch, or epic work of art that inspires others to get up and pursue their passion.

We here at LiHai love people that follow their dreams and we want to know what art inspires you? Are you a dancer?  A graff writer? DJ?  Bboy or Bgirl? Emcee?  Or maybe you’re a painter or chef?  Whatever your craft let us know about it, post a comment to this blog! Every person that posts will be automatically entered to win our limited edition 2 year anniversary poster numbered and signed by Darel-C himself!

Holla at us y’all!!!!!

Live. Life. Lihai.